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What the heck is this about?

If you want to see them in the day by day format, go to the bench index.

To see them chapter by chapter, click a cover image to see that chapter's strips all on one page:

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I also have a 15-strip boardgaming/Watchmen crossover story that starts September 25.

I also have a Fight Club - Watchmen crossover that starts January 2.

Here are some good sources of additional info on Watchmen:

Here's a cute single-panel homage done by Jonathan Thayer, "When the KollumaƱeros dress up as DC Comics's Watchmen".

The Halloween comic strip at Striptease has a Watchmen cameo. There's also a short Watchmen essay.

Check out Snail Dust's Watchmen strips from January 2001!

Artmen is a 22-page parody.

Something Awful parodies Watchmen!

Watchmen Lego characters

If you know other sites with homebrew Watchmen art, let me know!

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