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Boardgame Links

There are a lot of boardgame-related sites out there! These should help you get started.

General boardgaming sites

Game Cabinet has lots of info.

Boardgame Geek is a new game database/review site.

Web-Grognards is a major site for info on more hardcore wargames.

Gaming Dumpster has lots of links.

Westbank Gamers is a New Orleans group whose site has lots of reviews, links, etc.

Strategy Gaming Society has existed since 1973.

Personal pages

My personal webpage has back issues of the RussCon Report, notes on creating a successful gaming group, ratings systems, etc.

Dan Becker's Game Site is a personal page of one of the RussCon gamers.

Game stores

Looking to buy boardgames? Check your local stores first! In Austin, I know of 3 independent game stores where you can buy German style boardgames, etc.

Of course there are online game sellers too, e.g.:

Boulder Games also sells games online and has a newsletter at their site.

Funagain Games sells games online and has reviews, interviews, links.

Kenzer & Co publishes games and more importantly the wonderful Knights of the Dinner Table comic books!

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