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You can find big lists of comics around, so I make no attempt to be a complete list... This is just my personal list of comics I stumbled upon and that stuck with me for whatever reason, and I update it at my whim. There are plenty of important and/or good comics that are not on this list. Try any of these:

Other comic resources on the web:

Go-related webcomics:

Here are various webcomics I've enjoyed for one reason or another.

Absurd Notions combines gamer and techie humor.


Acid Reflux looks cool. I haven't read much of the archives yet, but I loved the long Fight Club storyline that starts here.

Adam & Andy is a color weekly about a gay couple.

Algernon's Dilemma is done in the retro tradition of old newspaper melodramas.

Almost Sente has go-related comics!

Ancient Messages has a Lovecraftian horror feel to it!

Angst Technology is a new b&w daily set at a game company that became popular very fast.

Aren't We Real is b&w rude fun.

Arrogance in Simplicity has mediocre stick figure art with good writing, but the interesting thing that struck me is that the Sunday strips usually deal with religion; yet unlike other comics that include religion, AiS avoids mindless religion-bashing like 90% of them or mindless rah-rah evangelism like 10% of them.

? (Ashfield) is a fun minimalist gag panel, sort of a cross between The Bench and Far Side.

Astounding Space Thrills is a well drawn color daily adventure comic strip in the Golden Age Of SciFi tradition.

Avalon is a popular comic about high school kids.

The Bad Boys of Computer Science is a popular color comic about some CS majors.

Basil Flint, Private Investigator is by one of my Comicollage collaborators.

Bee is an excellent mystery by Jason Little.

Bent Comics has good comics from several college artists.

Beta is a fun gaming/mayhem color comic.

Bluebird Jones, an underground/footie/Cardiff City comic, is a collection of some short strips. I recommend Stupidface & Stupidface 3.

Bob 'n' Ed is a good b&w weekly comic rife with Star Wars references.

B0N3D00D and pLaTeDeWd is a dozen strips spoofing player killers in Ultima Online.

BoxJam's Doodle.

Boy Meets Boy.

Boy on a Stick and Slither.

Boys & Girls Club is a color comic about high school friends, by one of my Comicollage collaborators.

Braarwood is a weird sporadic fantasy comic that combines elements of anime, Lovecraft, and de Sade.

Brainfries has a sabertooth cat girl!

Broadband My Ass!

Bruno is a long-running b&w comic that's more from the alternative comics tradition than the gag-oriented webcomics tradition. Very detailed drawing for a daily comic.

Burnt Dog Radio has b&w news/political humor.

Buster Wilde is a nicely drawn weird comic about a gay werewolf.

Buttercup Festival has absurd cynical humor and sometimes awesome b&w art.

Camtoons rarely updates but is silly fun with webcam and action figures.

castlezzt.net is weird experimental/conceptual comics.

Cat and Girl is funny and clever and erudite.

Catball and Clown Girl is absurd.

Chaos Inc. is the daily b&w story of a supervillain and his sidekick, by one of my Comicollage collaborators.

Checkerboard Nightmare is a new b&w M/W/F slickly drawn comic.

www.chick.com is Jack Chick's obnoxious religious tracts. Fun spoofs of them are here.

Chopping Block is a daily b&w single-panel gag comic about a serial killer! It uses an unusual cool art style too!

Chrome Fetus is surreal well-drawn b&w comics. I first read them in print in the free zine Propergander.

Citrusville is good stuff vaguely reminiscent of Living in Greytown or Sinfest.

Clan Bob's Life of Riley.

Clan of the Cats has modern day occult adventure.

Cockroach is daily b&w wackiness by one of my Comicollage collaborators.

Comicollage is the ongoing daily comic jam with 7 creators, of which I'm one!

Comics Jet is a Russian webcomic site. Be sure to check out this Stalin comic... if you can't read Russian, it just adds to the fun. :)

Comikaze has some collaborative art projects and lots of reviews/links of alternative comics. See my Room 202 art!

Common Grounds is the successor to Sit and Spin. It's a color "daily" (sporadic) comic set in a coffee shop.

Confusion Perfume is a new color comic that's a moody brooding romantic melancholy kinda thing.

Cool Cat Studio is an excellently drawn comic set at a graphic design studio which is a fun blend of innocent fun and sexiness.

Coolville is a cool daily ongoing story of slackers with really nice pencil art and kinda hard to read handwriting (but well worth it!).

The Corruption of Ted is a cool strange combination of cute high school humor and tasteless edgy humor.

Cyantian Chronicles has several different sf/fantasy strips running including the Lovecraftian Cute Abominations.

David and John is a fun comic with a kid and an alien robot having wacky adventures. Aw, yo!

David's comics are delightful simple cute expressive stick figures.

deadmouse.net has cool haunting art.

Deathworld is a long-running odd little comic of surreal mayhem. The site is nifty with a little javascript maze adventure game to play.

Dedos is a dark fantasy tale with nifty art.

Delineated Life Comics includes It's About Girls and other stories.

Demise Comics has very slick Flash comics.

The Devil's Panties

Diabolica is a b&w comic about an incompetent evil organization.

Diary of a Crazed Membanite is a frequently hilarious weekly Star Wars spoof.

Diesel Sweeties uses unusual low-res yet nifty art. It's M/W/F color fun!

Dr. Lobster & Steve is nicely done Bench/RedMeat-style deadpan color humor.

Earth is good stuff vaguely reminiscent of Living in Greytown.

Ein Stueck Natur looks cool, though I've not read much of it yet.

Elf Life.

Emmanuel Marshall has some cute one-panel cartoons.

The Epilogue is about famous writers in the afterlife.

Error Level 3 is rather surreally amusing. It's been messing with several unusual art styles which I like, including watercolors and bamboo brush!

e-sheep has some cool comics; I'm partial to Rush Limbaugh Eats Everything.

Evercrest is set in the world of the online game Everquest. I've never played Everquest but I still enjoy it sometimes.

Eversummer Eve is very nicely drawn fantasy manga.

Everything Jake has well drawn pencil art, and is about college life. The plot occasionally gets inexplicably strange and then returns to reality.

Extra Senseless Perception is a nicely drawn b&w comic about a psychic girl. It seems to be a self-contained finished run, with no more strips appearing.

Fight Cast Or Evade.

File Not Found is an amateur color comic.

five - a terrible thing is a collection of enjoyably erudite and vulgar minicomics.

flail is daily b&w which also includes author's notes and rants I found interesting. He also includes text-only scripts for all the strips! It's the second comic I came upon that unexpectedly had a link to mine.

Flem comics are not for the easily offended.

Floor 13 is a conspiracy spoof with color rendered art. It has ended but the author has new projects underway.


Frog Children (or maybe Random Frog Children)

Froot Smoothie is by one of my Comicollage collaborators.

Full Contact Origami is a sporadic b&w comic about college gamer geeks with neat art...

General Protection Fault is adventures of software geeks.

gwtpGet With The Program is set at a game development company! Their evil penguin Flux also writes comic reviews, and Ko Fight Club was Flux's first victim (November 24 2000)!

Get Your War On is post-9/11 comics.

Ghastly's Ghastly Comic is funny tentacle hentai.

Ghost 2138.

Ghostz is funny with simple art: the main characters are the ghosts from Pac-Man. It's no longer on summer hiatus.

Goats is a popular b&w comic about geeks who like to drink beer in a pub with a goat and a satanic chicken.

Goobs is fun geek humor.

The Grimbles is cool retro strangeness.

GU Comics is single-panel Everquest gags, nicely drawn and colored. It is apparently no longer being made; here's why. Update: it seems to be back in production!

Hackles is furry tech geek humor.

Heaven and Earth.

Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet is b&w newspaper strip style techie humor.

Ubersoft's Help Desk has simple repetitive clip art but is sometimes fun.

Highwater Books has webcomics by lots of print comics creators.

Hip Shot Cartoons are single panel gags.

HOSERS has donut-obsessed secret government operatives.

Irregular Webcomic is Lego/RPG/miniature/webcam silliness.

J-Walkin' is daily color wackiness by one of my Comicollage collaborators.

Japanese Beetle seems to include gaming, superhero, surrealism, etc. I haven't yet read enough to figure it all out.

JoBeth is a silly one-panel gag cartoon of dumb blonde jokes.

Joe Average is good curmudgeonly fun. "Daily" but really rather sporadic. Also at the site is Sex and Violence.

The Journal Comic by Drew Weing is a daily comic diary.

Journey to the West is a weird mythic tale in the southwest US with a coyote and really gorgeous color art. I haven't read much, but the art is cool.

Joy of Tech.

Keaner journal comic.

Keenparody is full of in-jokes about the KeenSpace/Spot webcomics community.

Ko Fight Club is eclectic and obscure, but I like the guy who does it.

Ku-2 is well-drawn short stories about a guy and an alien.

Kung Fu for Dubious Ends has a few strips apparently drawn by different people.

Kyoki Press has several graphic-novels-in-progress, including The Wings of Cranes and Eagles (set during WWII) and ShadowFall (a futuristic action thriller) with very nice clean pencil art!

Last Flight is a b&w daily space opera serial with manga-style art.

Lethal Doses is a color gaming mayhem comic.

Life in 4 Panels is new & different funny slice-o-life stuff.

Life on Forbez is a very well-drawn b&w sf comic about a mother and son who moved to a new planet with many alien races; it has a blend of comedy & drama.

Little Gamers is a gaming comic, but the artwork is like a cute little kid's comic!

Living in Greytown is an interesting surreal story-oriented daily comic that's hard to describe but certainly unique. Now ended, but the equally cool Lizard has replaced it.

Look What I Brought Home is one of the most popular of the gross-and-disgusting webcomics. It can also be quite funny. Not for the squeamish.

Low Life Comix.

Low Pass has a wacky comic strip tool that lets people easily do Bench-like strips but with canned art and a fixed layout. Particular links of interest:

Madden the Scientist updates weekly.

Making Life is about go.

The Makeshift Miracle.

Mary is the angriest keenspacer in the world.

MegaTokyo is a new b&w comic with very nice manga-style art that became popular very fast.

Mekka Blue.

Mike's Artpad.

Minding My Own Business had a few dozen fun strips about a dating storyline, then stopped in late 2001.

Movie Comics.


N3gative Boy

Neil Swaab has comics and other art.

Nerdz by the inimitable Screwball McGoo. Sometimes funny and sometimes inexplicable!

No Outlet is a fun semiweekly color comic of college life. Be sure to check out the large branching comic.

No Stereotypes is a new comedy/horror comic; early strips marred by lots of typos, but looks potentially cool.

Nowhere Girl is great teen- and 20-something-angst with cool art.


Odd Jobs is a b&w noiresque sort of mystery semiweekly which reminds me of Chris Ware's early work artistically!

Offbeat is single panel gags which are sometimes newspaper-esque and sometimes quite twisted.

One Clown Short is sf/humor.

Oscar Quill & Coyle.

Otaku Feh is a fun parody of other web comics. On January 1 it became The Big Ones due to some controversy I don't fully understand.

Pantheon has various gods as characters.

Parthenos is "a slink through the less-visited places of classical myth", b&w M/W/F set in ancient Greece!

Pedro & Steve is simple stick figure humor. I give it bonus points for some Fight Club strips.

Penny Arcade has lots of computer gamer humor M/W/F and is surely a classic!
Penny Arcade spawned The Bench, the open source comic.
The Bench inspired me to start making lots of my own Bench comic strips!
There's a spoof called Funny Arcade at somethingawful.
Planetquake lets you make your own Penny Arcade spoof strip.

Pentasmal has a surreal look and feel with its 2 protagonists the pink and blue guys.

Perki Goth and Candi Raver is by one of my Comicollage collaborators.

Perry Bible Fellowship is quite twisted and clever.

Pewfell Porfingles is satirical fantasy.

Pewsitters is about friends at a Lutheran university.

Pffft is 3 cute chicks in space.

Player vs Player is set at a gaming magazine. It's daily b&w with good art and humor, and is quite popular.

Pokey the Penguin is a long-running webcomic people seem to either love or hate...

Polymer City Chronicles says "If gaming and comics were breasts, we'd be a push-up bra."

Press Start has a Jhonen Vasquez kinda look.

Pretty Rose Comix have go in them.

Protection has superhero art by one of my Comicollage collaborators.

Psychic Dyslexia Institute is an X-Men spoof with furry characters and pagan/queer attitude!

quantz.com is daily dinosaur comics.

Questionable Tales has a rough underground feel to it.

Real Life is a mostly-daily gaming comic.

Receptor Fatigue is very cool.

Red Lexi is sword & sorcery.

Red Meat Construction Set lets you construct Red Meat comics.

Road Waffles is a very different darkly weird daily comic. The main characters are all serial killers on the road. It's like a wacky comic version of Natural Born Killers. Road Waffles has ended, but there's now a new dark noirish ongoing color story called Infelicity at the site now. Ooo, Nov 13 2000 RW seems to have started up again!

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan is daily b&w fantasy. The author also has lots of other comic series; I'm fond of Tips for Lazy Buggers (advice on creating comics).

Rusty Shrapnel is a sporadic b&w comic about college gamer geeks with neat art...

The 2nd Coming is a "daily" color gaming mayhem comic that's gradually growing more sporadic.

Sev Trek is a Star Trek spoof drawn in charming Simpsons style art. The humor is sometimes literally lowest common denominator because he seems to run punchline popularity contests.

Sheep Comics are Christian comics that question the status quo of Christianity today.

Shinkutokimekisempukaku is color gaming mayhem by one of my Comicollage collaborators.

Silicon Freak Toons.

Silly Cone V is b&w daily tech humor by one of my Comicollage collaborators.

Sinfest is a very nicely drawn b&w daily comic. It's very popular, with a variety of humor styles. I like his occasional caricatures of mainstream newspaper comic characters.

Sinner Dragon is a sometimes-kinky fantasy comic.

Sketch of Love has b&w manga-style sketchy art that I think is cool looking. I find the writing a bit jumbled sometimes, but it involves a vampire.

Sluggy by the inimitable Screwball Mcgoo!

Sluggy Freelance is a daily comic set in the real world with weird funny adventures. It's incredibly popular, for good reason.

Smut by Dave Kelly.

Snail Dust is a nifty comic with some teenagers and a snail! Be sure to see her Watchmen strips!

Soap on a Rope is a funny b&w comic that's been running several years.

Something Positive.

SpaceAge Comics is a collective of several comic artists. Some of these run in the Daily Texan (student newspaper of UT Austin). I'm especially fond of the Irritability comic, which also has its own site.

Spamusement: Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines!


Sporkman is an absurd daily superhero spoof, awfully silly but it has its moments.

Stalag 99 is a comic which confuses me with ambiguous-gender furry characters!

Stars and Steel is a military/sf graphic novel.

Stones is a German comic about go! There are also chess comics here.

Strange Daze is kind of a comedy/horror Lovecraftian cultists pastiche, and also gets bonus points for being the first comic I unexpectedly stumbled upon with a link to Ko Fight Club. And Matt later became one of my Comicollage collaborators.

Stripped Again is fun risque gags.

Striptease is about a comic book artist. It gets bonus points for the Halloween 2000 strip with a Watchmen cameo, and a short Watchmen essay.

Sunday Morning Coffee by Tang and Clay.

Supernatural Crime in the old pulp tradition!

Talking Head is by Martin who I know from the annual US Go Congress!

Tang's Weekly Comic.

TG Life is a monthly comic about transgendered culture. It's on hiatus.

Theater Hopper


The Thin H Line is very sick & often hilarious & hentai (porn with anime-style art) not for the squeamish. The author Clay Boutilier also has other good comics including A Heart Made of Glass, which is poignant autobiography of romantic woes. [It appears to be on hiatus now, alas.] [Aha, as of mid-May, it seems to be revived under the name Sexy Losers!]

This Modern World.

Three Reasons is satire in an academic lit-crit vein by the inimitable Donald B. Jones III which turns out to anger a lot of people to my bafflement. There is also a new experimental comic strip creator useful for making static layout (Red Meat/Bench/etc) comic strips.

Together We Fall is a fantasy quest tale spoof done with 3d rendered graphics; I normally prefer drawn comics, but this worked for me. It's very sporadically updated.

Too Fat to be a RockStar is b&w fun about the adventures of music geeks! (Wow, instead of game geeks!)

Toonbots are minimalist surreal comics generated by XML specifications.

Transe Generation has a lot of comics about FTM and MTF TS issues.

Triangle and Robert is deconstructionist humor with minimalist art.

True Artist Tales is a more serious literary b&w style comic with various stories, often Western themed.

Ungrateful Biped/Simian Uprising has autobio comics.

Unicorn & Butterfly is a comic done with pure ASCII art!

Unicorn Jelly is a weird/cute b&w fantasy comic.

Unspeakable Vault (of Doom) by Goomi is a French cartoonist's fun spin on the Lovecraft mythos!

User Friendly is one of the most popular webcomics, b&w daily techie humor. It's loved by many and hated by many. The sister site UFMedia which tries to sell UF as a brand to companies is amazing overhype and aroused some ire in many people. I think UF is worth a look: not as good as the hard core UFies believe, nor as bad as its bashers say.

Venus Envy is a semi-autobiographical comic about a MTF TS.

Voices in my Hand is one-panel gags, with an inordinate amount of fun tombstone gags.

Weishaupt Scholars. Fnord.

Wendy is silly cheesecake fun with manga-style girls.

When I Am King has slick stylized iconic art.

White House In Orbit is cool alternate universe retro sf.

Wigu is a comic strip about a little family.

You Damn Kid is awesome; the art is very nice and looks like some nostalgic childhood Wonder Years sort of thing, but that's spiked with really dark humor that makes me laugh out loud pretty often. Very unusual.

www.zentoons.com are fun.

Zortic is a fun color wacky space adventure, often incorporating fun spoofs of popular movies. M/W/F.

Zwol is a b&w daily that's kind of meta/literary/artsy with a realistic art style. By which, of course, I mean wonderfulness ensues.

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