Ko Fight Club

Cameos, Fan Art, Crossovers, etc.

Here's cameos, crossovers, references to other webcomics. (My comics are also riddled with references to other art/fiction besides webcomics, and I'm not going to try to catalog all those!)

I just set up this page (March 2001), so if I've forgotten anything or made errors, please let me know...

Cameos/Fan Art/etc by others:

2005-03-07 Making Life has characters from Ko Fight Club, Stones, and Almost Sente

Guest strip by CapTVK gives a European perspective on the 2004 election

Guest strip by Wendy Wheeler

Guest strip by Wendy Wheeler

Commemorative Bench strip by CapTVK

Fan strip from Brennon Ludwig

Guest strip by Dan Becker

2 guest strips by Wendy Wheeler

Series of Ko Fight Club spoofs over at Sluggy!

April 1 2001 Ko Fight Club spoof over at Nerdz!

Birthday 2001 art from CapTVK

Russ plays go in the background in the Oct 18 2000 Too Fat to be a RockStar.

Also... some of my art has been recycled at the Bench and that wacky Low Pass comic strip tool. (Those are both cool: Bench art is open source for later Bench strips to use, and I donated some art to Low Pass.) And various strips at these sites have referred to me or my comics, including those of the enigmatic stableboy.

Crossovers, Joint Projects:

I had a page (Lost Scenes from William Shakespeare's Memento) in a promotional Keenspace comic book.

I was in Group 2 of the Party 2001 New Years project, which combined Ko Fight Club, David and John, Shinkutokimekisempukaku, Stalag 99, Zortic. One of my Party 2001 strips has a LOT of cameos from a lot of different webcomics.

Depending on your definition of crossover, check out the ongoing daily comic jam Comicollage which launched Dec 24 2000.

Remi (Too Fat) and I jammed a joint fan strip for Odd Jobs. (December 2000)

Some Group Projects that aren't necessarily cameos/crossovers:

Cameos/Fan Art/etc by me:

Underhunt guest strip in 2 languages! (2004-12)

2004-09-20 has art inspired by Boy on a Stick and Slither.

2004-06-16 "You can do better than that" comic for Planet Earth (and other tourist traps), which spoofs their 2004-05-15 comic.

2003-11-24 has art inspired by Maakies.

June 4 appearance of Gav from Nukees.

Guest strip for Burnt Dog Radio.

My April Fools strip simultaneously spoofs 3 webcomics...

5 Entries to the Big Ones coloring contest.

Guest strip for Error Level 3

Aug 31 2000 strip for Joe Average birthday art contest.

Aug 17 2000 strip with Pentasmal characters.

Settlers of Catan strip for the Lethal Doses strangely aborted fan art contest in May 2000. Also see my favorite LD character EP in my July 1 2000 strip.

Also... most of my Bench strips have characters and clipped art from Penny Arcade...

All my stuff on these pages is Copyright © 2000-2004 by Russ Williams.